1. Animal Services

    Find out about registration and licensing for your pets.

  2. Assessment

    Learn how to assess the value of property for tax purposes.

  3. Cochrane RCMP

    Find out more about RCMP presence in Cochrane.

  4. Communications

    Read about how you can converse with the officials of Cochrane.

  5. eServices

    Register for an online account, login and pay.

  6. Family & Community Support Services

    Seek information on the support services.

  7. Finance

    Utilize this gateway to Cochrane finance.

  8. Fire Services

    Find out more information about Cochrane's fire services.

  9. Human Resources

  10. Maps (GIS)

    Explore various maps of the Town of Cochrane.

  11. Municipal Enforcement

    Explore information about the Municipal Enforcement Department including signs, RVs and trailers, and a safety quiz.

  12. Parks & Open Spaces

    Explore information about the Town of Cochrane's Parks and Facilities Department.

  13. Parent Link Centre

    Find out what is happening at the Parent Link Centre.

  14. Permits & Inspections

    Obtain knowledge on town permits.

  15. Planning & Engineering

    Peruse the Planning Services Department with information about the community growth, processes, forms, applications and more.

  16. Roads

    Learn about the town's Roads Division including construction updates, load bans, snow and ice control and more.

  17. Staff Directory

  18. Taxation

    Utilize the information on tax rates.

  19. Utilities

    Understand the breakdown in utilities fees.

  20. Waste & Recycling

    Stay up to date on Cochrane's waste programs.

  21. Water & Wastewater

    Obtain knowledge on Cochrane's water distribution.