Officer Seamus

It’s funny how humans know when someone or something special comes into our lives. That’s how it was when our animal control officers were dispatched March 17, 2010 to help a puppy running at large. All the proper procedures were followed to locate the owners of this animal, but they were never found. A few weeks later, one of our very own animal control officers adopted the puppy into their own family.


Seamus was recognized immediately to be a smart, trainable and loving canine. Everyone who met him fell in love with him; our officers suggested that Seamus would make a great addition to the team, and soon after, Cochrane's first K9 unit was formed! Officer Seamus’ primary role is to be the ambassador for animal services for the Town of Cochrane.

Officer Seamus

Officer Seamus and his handler will be working the public pathways and off-leash areas, modelling responsible pet ownership and helping bring our public education messages to you. Officer Seamus is also being trained to participate in further public relation roles. If you see Officer Seamus, please stop and say hello as he loves to meet new friends and their owners.

Off Duty

When not at work, Seamus trains, or hangs out with his pal Deezel or at doggie day care. Seamus’ training (and his masters’ training) is being done with an Animal Services volunteer and is working out great. Just in case you’re wondering, Officer Seamus does not collect any compensation for his work for the town. His only reward are the loving hugs he gets from his coworkers at the Protective Services Centre, plus an occasional dog cookie. He truly is that special something that has come into our life and we are happy to be sharing that with you!