Aquatic and Curling/Multi-Sport Centre

Next steps
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March 2015
Construction starts
October 2014
Council approves borrowing bylaw to cashflow construction. Highlights from Council meeting.
October 2014
Council does not approve a motion to hold a public vote regarding the Aquatic and Curling/Multi-sport facility. Highlights from Council meeting.
September 2014
Council approves moving ahead with Development Permit and tender documents. Highlights from Council meeting.
April 2014
Fundraising campaign launched: Rock the Waves
March 2014
Council presented with a three-year operating proforma for the New Aquatic Centre and Curling Club to lower the operating deficit. Highlights of Council meeting.
January 2014
Council accepted the updated Schematic Drawing and set the Aquatic Centre and Curling Rink budget at $45 million.
October 2013
RVC approves $2 million in funding to the Aquatic Centre and $200,000 to the Curling Rink with eligibility to apply for more funding once RVC Recreation Master Plan completed, and new Operating and Lease Agreement completed.
September 2013
Tango Management engaged as project manager.
July 2013
Third-party costings for Aquatic Centre construction (based on the most up-to-date Schematic Design): $30-32 million. Council directs Administration to engage a project manager and proceed with design development.
June 2013
Town Council was presented a schematic design report for the new Aquatic Centre and Curling Club on June 10, 2013. Final design scheduled to be completed by late fall, 2014.
June 2013
Council approves Aquatic Centre and Curling Club Schematic design: order of magnitude estimates $32 million (Aquatic Centre) and $12.5 million (Curling Club). Project estimates include an extra $10 million in site works and fees. 
Spring 2013 Strategic Planning
Council increases municipal contribution to $19.7 million for Aquatic Centre.
January 2013
Request made to Rocky View County (RVC) for funding contribution of $5 million for Aquatic Centre. Separate funding requested for Curling Club.
Budget 2012
Major Facilities Fundraising Campaign and Schematic Design for the Curling Club to be funded from MSI Operating Grant.
June 2011
Aquatic Centre Schematic Design adopted; project approved in principle with a maximum of $9.7 million from the municipality.
August 2010
Funding Feasibility Study estimates we could raise $6-9 million.
March 2010
Cost estimate based on Feasibility Study: $23.5 million. Council approves proceeding based on order of magnitude estimate of $26 — maximum municipal contribution: $10 million. Funding Feasibility Study ordered.
May-December 2009
Aquatic Feasibility Study conducted, including comparisons to similar municipalities, focus groups with local stakeholders and phone survey. Order of magnitude estimate of $29.1 million.
May 2008
Need identified for a larger aquatic centre (part of Parks, Recreation and Culture Facilities Master Plan).