Town Communications staff advise Cochrane Town Council and the executive leadership team on communications strategy and promotes Town programs, services, events, opportunities and governance through the Town website, advertising, publications, public engagement, media relations and more.

Digital Signs
The Town has community digital signs at two locations:
  • Fifth Ave and Glenbow Dr
  • Griffin Rd across from the Protective Services Centre
If you represent a local non-profit or community organization, you may request space on the digital signs to help promote your programs and events. Communications staff layout, upload and schedule all digital sign content.

Request space on the digital signs:
  • submit requests at least two weeks in advance
  • no requests accepted more than six months in advance
  • space on signs is available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The Town of Cochrane reserves the right to bump any message for an urgent Town message.
Cochrane's Brand
Cochrane’s brand is about motivation and aspiration, built from our western traditions and values and driven by vision. The earth tones represent respect for the earth, land, water and sky while the rolling line under the horse and rider is a tribute to the landscape.

The tagline, How the West is Now, is a timeless statement which maintains a strong link to western heritage, ideals and traditions, while speaking of the present and looking forward into the future. Cochrane Town Council approved the logo on April 11, 2011.

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