Permits & Inspections

The Town of Cochrane takes its responsibility for safety seriously. We inspect and approve design and construction for building, electrical, gas and plumbing work to ensure they comply with all relevant acts and bylaws. Building permits grant legal permission to begin construction of a building project, including new construction, alterations, renovations, relocations, basement development and decks above 24 inches from grade.

The estimated time to process a building permit application is 10 business days.  The count starts from the day after the application is received.  To avoid any delays ensure all documentation has been submitted.

NEW: Online permit process now online

We’ve streamlined the permit process to save paper and deal with applications more efficiently. All Town permit applications (building, electrical, gas, plumbing) can be filled out and submitted online. And if you pay for your permits by phone, we’ll email your final permit — no trip to the RancheHouse required!

Here’s how it works:

  • Select the appropriate permit application form from the list below.
  • Fill in your information (use these instructions for reference)
  • Submit
    Note: We’ll be in touch if any information is missing or needs to be clarified.
  • We will contact you to inform you that your permit is ready for release upon payment of fees.
  • Start your work!

Details and permit application forms

STEP 1: Review the Building Permit information and inspection requirements

STEP 2: Permits for homeowners

For contractors: