Our key areas of responsibility include financial management, budgeting and auditing, business licensing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, utility service connection and billing, property assessment and taxation, and information technology services.

Our goal is to provide a high level of customer service to the public, Cochrane taxpayers, town council and other town departments.
Budget Timeline
Time  Item
March to May  Annual strategic plan review
May  Strategic plan to council for approval
May to July  Strategic plan guides business plan development
July to September  Business plans guide budget development
September to November  Budget review / revisions by executive leadership team (impacts to business plans noted)
Mid November  Budget presented to council
November to December  Budget reviewed / debated by council
December  Council adopts budget

Current budget documents are under Government\Council Documents\Budget.

Accounts Receivable
The Town of Cochrane Accounts Receivable Division is responsible for the billing of all invoices including:
  • Bulk water sales
  • Fire services
  • Business licensing
  • General business invoicing
For more information on invoices and payments please read the FAQ and/or contact Accounts Receivable by phone or email.