Town of Cochrane elections are regulated by Bylaw 08/2007, the Municipal Election Bylaw, passed under the authority of the Local Authorities Election Act. The next general municipal election is Monday October 16, 2017.

NEW! Candidate Registration

In accordance with the changes to the Local Authorities Election Act, the Town of Cochrane will be maintaining a registry of individuals that intend to be candidates for the 2017 Election and beyond. If someone wishes to run in a Town of Cochrane election and intends to begin raising funds and receiving donations for that purpose, they must be registered with the Municipality under Section 147.21 of the Local Authorities Election Act before accepting any campaign contributions.

The future candidate must disclose his/her intent to run by providing the following information using the form below:
  1. Full name and address.
  2. Location(s) where records of the candidate are maintained, and where any communications may be addressed.
  3. Names and addresses of financial institutions to be used for the purpose of depositing campaign contributions.
  4. Names of the signing authorities for all institutions listed.
Changes to any of the information within the registry must be reported to the Manager, Legislative Services of the Town of Cochrane within 48 hours of the changes taking effect in writing by mail, fax, or electronic mail. Please be advised that the information contained within the directory is public.

Form 3A - Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to Become a Candidate for Municipal Office

Municipal Election Bylaw 08/2007

For more information about elections in Alberta, check the Municipal Affairs Election website.

For more information about Cochrane’s municipal election process, please contact:
Stacey Loe
Manager, Legislative Services


Jaylene Knight
Legislative Administrator

2013 Election Results

The Town of Cochrane elected Ivan Brooker as its mayor for the next four years. A total of 4,543 voted, out of 13,789 eligible voters, or 33%.

Final Results:



Ivan Brooker*     1,856

Joann Churchill    1,432

David Smith        1,232

Jeff Toews*        2,769

Tara McFadden*  2,603

Mary Lou Davis*  2,361

Ross Watson*      2,206

Morgan Nagel*    1,990

Gaynor Levisky*  1,861

Steve Grossick    1,792

Shana Bruder      1,638

Dan Cunin           1,521

Jim Uffelmann     1,065

Kaitee Dal Pra       806

Jamie Kleinsteuber  800

Marty Lee             699

  * = elected

Campaign Disclosure Statements
As per the Local Authorities Elections Act, all candidates must comply with the Municipal Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure sections of the Act.

The following candidates were not required to file a Form 21 because their campaign was funded exclusively by their own funds and spent less than $10,000 on their election campaign: 

  • Shana Bruder
  • Mary Lou Davis
  • Steve Grossick
  • Marty Lee
  • Jeff Toews   
  • Ross Watson 

The following candidates were not required to file a Form 21 because their campaign was funded exclusively by their own funds and spent less than $10,000 on their election campaign, but chose to file a Form 21: 

  • Jamie Kleinsteuber
  • Jim Uffelman

The following candidates accepted campaign contributions from others and have filed a Form 21 and supporting documents. Their statements are provided within a pdf document:

  • Ivan Brooker
  • Joann Churchill
  • Dan Cunin
  • Kaitee Dal Pra
  • Gaynor Levisky
  • Tara McFadden
  • Morgan Nagel
  • David Smith