Bighill Creek

Having environmental reserve land in the heart of the Town of Cochrane has made it an attractive community to live in. The path systems that lead explorers and regular pedestrian traffic along our three streams, allow a quiet nature break for those ready to escape the fast pace of urban growth.

Creek Provisions

The Bighill Creek meanders quietly through the centre of the town, much of it hidden from view by its heavily-vegetated stream banks, and moderate gradient that result in a silent flow. The riparian zone bordering the stream provides habitat for song birds and some fur-bearing animals that find shelter in the cover of thick willows and trees. The Bighill Creek has made a number of friends over the years; people that enjoy its beauty and appreciate the wildlife that it attracts.

Role in the Area's Biodiversity

Historically, the Bighill Creek provided a trout fishery which attracted both anglers and wildlife to its stream banks. A thriving trout population in the creek played an important role in the area's biodiversity, making the stream a wildlife corridor and just a great place to visit. The Bighill is fed by ground water springs and years of drought and low-ground water levels have impacted the fishery in the past. However, in recent years, consistent annual flow volumes in the stream have resulted in a slowly recovering trout fishery.

Protecting Our Streams

In a fast growing community like Cochrane, it is important that we take care of our natural assets and take measures to enhance and protect streams like the Bighill Creek. If you are interested in keeping informed about any programs that relate to these objectives, there are newsletters that will inform you of the latest activities and issues regarding the Bighill Creek.