Plans & Guidelines

Adopted plans have been approved by council as bylaws or adopted by resolution. They set the framework that guides planning and development throughout the town and within specified areas / neighbourhoods.

Office Consolidation Note
Links marked with (*) are office consolidations. Office consolidations contain all amendments in place of the original section(s) and are clearly indicated. The official bylaw and all amendments are available from the municipal clerk and should be consulted in any interpretation or application. In case of any dispute, the original bylaw must be consulted.

  • Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP) May 2009 - This plan was developed by the community and has many individuals and organizations taking action to achieve its goals. As a partner, the Town of Cochrane uses the CSP to guide development plans, environmental management plans and a variety of other work. 
  • Municipal Development Plan* (MDP) October 2008 - The MDP was developed by a team of town planners and local stakeholders and is reviewed every three years. It sets standards for development and is used to guide more specific plans for areas and subdivisions.
  • Intermunicipal Development Plan with Rocky View - This plan is intended to foster cooperation, coordination and communication between the town and Rocky View County on matters of mutual interest and to establish policy direction and processes to address intermunicipal issues that may arise.