The Town Roads Division manages over 100 km of open road in Cochrane to ensure our roadways are maintained to minimize economic loss to the community, and prevent or reduce accident or injury by providing safe winter driving conditions.

The Roads Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the storm sewer system, including approximately 52 km of underground storm sewer mains, as well as various drainage swales, ditches, storm water detention ponds, outfalls, stormceptors and a wetland area.

Snow and Ice Control

Roads crews' primary goal during any snow event is to keep primary and collector streets open and safe. Priority is given to emergency routes. A snow and ice control program has been developed and is implemented during the winter.

Traffic concerns

Have questions about traffic in Cochrane? Check the Frequently Asked Questions.


Find out about current and recently completed work on our construction updates page.

Streets Improvement Project (SIP)

Recent work done under the Streets Improvement Project:

Water Accumulation

Some homes in Town are located near a trap low, a device that controls water drainage from Town streets. For homes near trap lows, rainwater may accumulate on the road nearby, up to and sometimes including the driveway and a portion of the lawn. This is normal for areas with a trap low. The water should completely drain within 24 hours once the rain stops.

If water has accumulated on the road near your house, on your driveway or front lawn, you may be located near a trap low. If rainwater accumulation has not drained 24 hours after the rain stops, please contact Town of Cochrane Operations at 403-851-2590.

Policies & Procedures

The Town's policies and procedures are designed to provide maximum service on emergency routes (Fire, EMS, RCMP) and to provide service to major arterial thoroughfares, and other selected streets comprising the basic network needed move traffic in a safe and orderly way.

Additional Information

Highways: Alberta Transportation maintains Highways 1A and  22 through Volker Stevin.
Alleys: Help us maintain your alleys by keeping them clear of debris, furniture, parked cars, trailers and carts. Read the Alley Maintenance and Cart Storage brochure.

Fun Facts

  • Highways 1A and 22 are provincial roads; Volker Stevin (888-877-6237) keeps them clean and maintained.
  • Streets are cleared of gravel and winter debris every spring.
  • Roads staff are based at the Town Operations Shop on Griffin Road.