Construction Updates

Scheduled work

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dates for all outdoor projects are weather dependent. For your safety and the safety of the crews working, please be patient, follow flag person directions and obey all signs in the area. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Parks and Open Spaces
Water and Wastewater

Timeline  Location Description
Oct 12 99 West Terrace Dr Lift station repairs Water and Wastewater
Sep 18-Oct 6 Riverfront Park off-leash dog area The off-leash dog area in Riverfront Park (west of the bridge) is getting enclosed by fencing. Parks and Open Spaces
Sep 2017-Apr 2018 Multi-use pathway near SLS Family Sports Centre
Work begins Sep 5 on a new wet well to increase the Town’s wastewater capacity. The location was chosen due to its proximity to existing Town infrastructure. The green space near the garbage can between SLS Family Sports Centre and the Town’s lagoon site will be fenced while work is underway.. 
Water and Wastewater
Sep-Nov Griffin Rd & River Ave (incl alleyway behind River Ave businesses) Intersection improvements (see map). Watch for lane closures and traffic disruptions while work is underway:
  • new traffic signals to replace the 4-way stop
  • asphalt work
  • concrete work
Jul-Nov RancheHouse Rd Clean fill is bring moved from the RancheHouse upper parking lot to the Griffin Rd construction site.

Other work:
  • Sep 19-20: asphalt overlay
  • Sep 21: line painting
  • Sep 22: delineators
Jun-Nov Griffin Rd between Griffin Ind Pt and SLS Family Sports Centre Work on realignment of Griffin Rd in anticipation of the new bridge begins this summer. Access to SLS Family Sports Centre and parking for the multi-use pathway will be rerouted.

Detour and traffic pattern change for access to SLS Family Sports Centre starting Tue Oct 10 (see map). Crews are making every effort to complete work quickly and minimize disruptions.

Jul-Sep Westside Dr, West Rock Rd, Quigley Dr, West Aarsby Rd 
2017 Streets Improvement project:
Construction schedule:
  • Jun-Jul: shallow utility work
  • Aug 1-Sep 25: Westside Dr widening
  • Aug 27-28: West Rock Rd asphalt prep
  • Aug 26-27: Quigley Dr asphalt prep
  • Aug 26-27: West Aarsby Rd asphalt prep
  • Aug 31-Sep 1: West Rock Rd asphalt overlay
  • Aug 31-Sep 1: Quigley Dr asphalt overlay
  • Aug 31-Sep 1: West Aarsby Rd asphalt overlay
Done Between Bow St & Griffin Rd
Sanitary main repair Water and Wastewater
Done Various locations Volker Stevin has been contracted to do work on our roads throughout town. Please be aware of the work zones and no parking signs. 
Done Gleneagles Dr and Gleneagles Blvd
Grading the slope and removal of excess material. No road closures, no anticipated traffic impacts.
Done Main St Historic Downtown enhancement project, including a new gateway feature on Fifth Avenue north of the tracks, and trees and benches along First Street. All businesses open during construction. 
Construction schedule (see map):
Apr 10-May 1: North side between First and Second Ave
Apr 28-May 11:North side between Second and Third Ave
May 11-19: North side between Third and Fourth Ave
May 19-Jun 2: South side between Third and Fourth Ave
Jun 2-10: South side between First and Third Ave
Parks and Open Spaces
Oct 11-June 30
Horse Creek Rd and Hwy 1A
This is an Alberta Transportation project.
Traffic signal installation complete; upgrading and concrete to be completed in the spring.