Residential Waste & Recycling Collection

Please have bins out by 7am.

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The Town of Cochrane provides weekly curbside collection of residential waste and recycling for most single family homes and some multifamily homes in Cochrane.

If you are a new resident and you need to set up your waste and recycling account or need to find out if your household is on a scheduled pick up route, please contact our utilities department at 403-851-2521.

Residential Waste & Recycling Collection Schedule 


Zone 1 2017 Collection Calendar
Zone 2 2017 Collection Calendar
Zone 3 2017 Collection Calendar
Zone 4 2017 Collection Calendar
Zone 5 2017 Collection Calendar

We collect on all Statutory Holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Requirements For Collection


Ensure your waste and recycling is at the curb or in the alley (depending on your collection location) by 7 am on the day of collection. The Town of Cochrane utilizes an automated collection system, only waste and recycling contained within the Town of Cochrane provided residential waste and recycling collection carts will be collected.

The Town of Cochrane provides each eligible household with:
  • One 120 L waste collection cart (maximum contents weight 55 kg)
  • One 240 L recycling collection cart (maximum contents weight 110 kg)
For extra waste, residents may purchase Town of Cochrane excess waste bags that can be set out on collection day. No extra waste will be collected unless it is contained within a Town of Cochrane excess waste bag. If your waste or recycling collection was missed or you have additional questions about Cochrane’s Residential Waste and Recycling Collection program please call our Waste and Recycling Hotline at 403-851-2277.

Acceptable Material

Waste Cart

  • Regular household garbage
  • Food / kitchen waste (please note: Food Scraps are accepted at the Cochrane Eco Centre for composting)
  • Diapers
  • Soiled paper / tissues
  • Non-recyclable packaging

Recycling Cart

Exceptions to glass recycling:
  • Mixed materials - glass and plastic or glass and aluminum
  • Small amount of glass attached to a label
  • Non-food glass (for example, candlestick base)
  • Wine glass bottoms 

  • Metal - food cans and foil
  • Glass - bottles, jars and broken pieces
  • Cardboard - flat boxes, food boxes, rolls etc.
  • Mixed paper - coloured paper, flyers, envelopes, magazines, wrapping paper, paper coffee cups etc.
  • Beverage containers - plastic bottles, pop/beer cans, tetra packs, milk cartons/jugs
  • Plastic Containers - Numbered 1-7 (no styrofoam, styrofoam can go to Eco Centre)
  • Plastic bags and wrap - must be bagged and bundled
  • Shredded paper - must be in a clear plastic bag 
All materials must be clean and free of debris.

Unacceptable Material

Waste Cart

  • Sharp materials - glass, needles
  • Liquid waste
  • Hazardous waste or chemicals
  • Biomedical waste
  • Commercial or industrial waste
  • Dead animals
  • Construction, renovation or demolition waste
  • Gas / propane liquids or any other liquid based petroleum product
  • Rocks
  • Automobile waste including automobile parts, tires, and batteries
  • Engine oil or oil filters
  • Building materials and furniture
  • Sod
  • Compressed cylinders
  • Waste that is unsafe for the collector to access or handle
  • Waste that could cause environmental impairment

Recycling Cart

  • EPS (Styrofoam - clean white packing foam) - please take to the Cochrane Eco Centre
  • Any recyclable materials that are not reasonably clean
  • Household garbage


Like most municipalities, the Town of Cochrane collects fees from residents and businesses in order to finance waste and recycling services. These rates are adjusted as required to reflect the costs associated with offering waste and recycling services. Currently, all households receiving curbside waste and recycling collection pay $20.55 per month.

All households and businesses in Cochrane also pay an Eco Centre fee of $5.00 per month for the operation of the Town of Cochrane Eco Centre and Special Waste programming.

Additional Carts

Would you like an additional recycling or waste cart?  Please contact the utilities department at 403-851-2521.  Additional fees will apply.

Have more recycling than fits in your cart?  Bring to the Cochrane Eco Centre

Additional Information

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