Water & Wastewater

Sewer Bylaw: changes

The changes to the Town's Sewer Bylaw will make billing more accurately reflect water usage during the winter.

The Town does not have a way to track water going down your drain, so we use your water consumption to calculate your sewer consumption. A system called “winter averaging” is used so that property owners do not pay sewer consumption for water used outdoor in the summer.

How are sewer charges calculated?

  • We’ll calculate the average of the water you use from November to April.
  • That average will be applied to bills starting in June until the following November.
  • If you use less than 5 cubic metres of water during a winter month, a value of 5 cubic metres will be used to calculate the average.
  • From November until May, the sewer rate on your Town Utility Bill will be calculated using the water you actually used in those months.
  • A new average will be applied to your bill again in June.
See how the changes would be applied to your Utility Bill.

Other info:

  • Water meter readings are done at the end of each month; Utility Bills are generated on the 7th of the month with amounts for the previous month.
  • The bylaw also addresses Council’s recent decision to prohibit in-sink food waste disposer installations for new residential premises. This would be implemented following the introduction of curb-side organics collection in 2017.

General information

Ten full-time staff work around the clock to make sure Cochrane’s water tastes delicious and exceeds provincial requirements for safety. They also oversee Cochrane’s water distribution and metering. Used water is collected in the wastewater collection system where it is pumped to Calgary for treatment.

Be sure to see current water rates online.

Fun Facts
  • Cochrane does not add fluoride to our water. There is a natural fluoride ion of 0.12mg/L in the Bow River source water.
  • Hardness of water is 180 ppm of water (10 - 11 grains per gallon).
  • On our highest water demand day in 2006, we used 12.1 million litres of water (an average of 880 litres per person).
  • Our water treatment plant can treat 22 million litres of water per day.
  • Since the water conservation bylaw was approved in 2008, Cochranites have reduced their average water consumption approximately 15%.