Switched to dual-flush toilets and already received your rebate? Find out about the new rebates the Town of Cochrane is offering to encourage you to save even more water, inside and out (conditions apply).

Water Conservation Rebates

Applications have been recently updated. Please ensure you submit an updated application, previous versions will not be accepted.


Using wood mulch as groundcover reduces the need for watering and reduces soil erosion. Receive a 50% rebate on the purchase of wood mulch to a maximum of $75. View the application form online.


Do you have an undeveloped yard and want to try something different? Once established, fescue sod requires no watering other than what mother nature provides. Receive a $60 rebate on the purchase of fescue sod. View the application form online.

Rain Barrels

Collecting and reusing rain water can reduce your utility bill. Receive a 50% rebate on the purchase a rain barrel, to a maximum of $50 per barrel. View the application form online.

Climate-based Irrigation

Climate-based irrigation receives information from a local weather station so that your automated sprinklers only go on when the ground actually needs water. Receive a $200 rebate on the purchase of an ExactET Smart Irrigation Controller. View the application form online. For more information be sure to view the climate-based FAQ.


Replace your old toilet with a new high-efficiency model and reduce household water consumption. Receive $50 rebate on the purchase price of a new 4.8L/flush WaterSense approved toilet. View the application form online.

Washing Machines

Eligibility is changing for the Washing Machine rebate

Effective July 31 2015

rebates will only be issued for washing machines that are “Most Efficient” as determined by Energy Star.

Please visit this link for a complete list of machines that meet this criteria.  To find out more about “Most Efficient” washing machines visit

High-efficiency clothes washers use over 60 percent less water, per load. Receive $100 rebate on the purchase of an Energy Star rated high-efficiency washer. View the application form online.

This page was last updated on January 3, 2018.