Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision
Proud of Cochrane’s heritage, embracing our future, we are a dynamic organization creating municipal excellence.

Our Mission
To protect and promote Cochrane as a unique community through our dedication to public service.

Corporate Values
Our corporate values describe how we will act while accomplishing our vision and mission. This is the way we do our business and the principles that guide our daily behaviour (listed alphabetically).
Principles  Daily Behavior
Accountability  We conduct ourselves with integrity in a responsible manner to build trust and confidence.  
Continuous Learning and Development  We acquire ongoing success and personal growth through continual learning and development.  
Customer Service  We serve the public interest with a positive attitude.  
Fun  We believe that the use of respectful humour, laughter and plain old fun are important and that it contributes to our individual and organizational well-being.  
Healthy and Safe Working Environment  We enhance the quality of life by minimizing risk and creating an environment where people are valued as individuals.  
Innovation  We are a creative leading-edge organization that embraces new ideas and new technologies. 
Open Communication  We communicate openly, respectfully and promptly. 
Participation  We achieve productivity and success through involvement, teamwork and recognition.