Councillor Gaynor Levisky

Gaynor Levisky

“We chose to live in Cochrane because of its proximity to the mountains and we wanted to raise our young family in a smaller community,” Councillor Levisky says. “I love the community involvement and spirit in Cochrane and I believe we can continue to keep that spirit strong even as we grow. I also love the river and the path systems in our town — we are so fortunate!”

Councillor Levisky’s goals for her term on Council are to see Cochrane become more balanced in its tax base — residential and non-residential — so we can afford to invest in the growth of our community by providing much needed amenities like a pool and arts center.

Councillor Levisky has a degree from the University of Alberta and specializes in Human Resources. She has considerable experience supporting organizations during periods of large transition.

Councillor Levisky is currently an Executive Life Coach and Corporate Facilitator where she draws upon 16 years of corporate facilitation and leadership skills to lead groups through outdoor transformational workshops.

Current Appointments:

Rocky View Foundation
Bow Rivers Edge Campground Society, Capital Re-Investment Sub Committee
Cochrane Public Library Board

Favorite quotes:
“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”
— Henry Ford
“You will see it when you believe it” – Dr. Wayne Dryer