Accessory Suites

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) identifies the importance of providing a range of housing options to suit all age and income levels, and to this end “accessory suites” have been added as a “discretionary use” to allow one accessory suite per lot in certain residential districts. Accessory suites are approved on a first-come, first-served basis to a maximum of 10% of the lots in a neighbourhood.

There are three common types of accessory suites:
  •  A “basement suite” style of accessory suite means a self-contained dwelling within a lower floor in a principal building.
  • A “garden suite” means a self-contained dwelling unit located in the rear yard of a residential lot upon which an existing dwelling unit is located.
  • An “accessory building suite” means a self-contained dwelling within a second floor of an accessory building (garage).

You will also be required to apply for Building and possibly Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Permits. These are obtained through our Safety Codes Department once a decision has been made on your Development Permit. Please contact them for more information at 403-851-2572 or