Local transit update

On January 9, 2017, Town Council approved the Transit Feasibility Study and directed Administration to move forward with an amended GreenTRIP funding application to the province. The Town has until 2021 to use the GreenTRIP funding.

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January 9 presentations to Council:
Overview, background and recommendations from Administration
Local transit feasibility (study presented by Calgary Transit consultants)


Regional Transportation and Complete Mobility presented by CRP to Council April 13, 2015
Transit Alternatives Report presented to Council March 25, 2013.
Transit Public Engagement plan presented to Council February 13, 2012.
Transit strategy: overview and options presented to Council November 14, 2011.
Transit report: November 14, 2011.
Transit Feasibility Study Phase 2 – Implementation Plan: January 5, 2011
Transit Feasibility Report April 2010 presented to Council April 12, 2010

Ten Year Financial Plan (PDF)
Read how we are moving ahead on a strategy to manage our finances so that we can meet current and long-term spending commitments.

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