Bike Lanes

The Town of Cochrane is committed to making cycling a safe and attractive transportation choice for people of all ages and abilities, for both commuting and recreational purposes. Multi-modal options can promote healthy transportation options and can also take vehicles off the road and reduce traffic volumes.

That’s why we installed bike lanes:
illustration bike lane
Designated bike lane
Diamond symbol indicates designated bike lane.

Bike lane rules:
  • Drivers may NOT drive, stop or park in bike lanes.
  • Drivers may cross a bike lane to turn or park, after they have checked for cyclists.
illustration shared bike lane Shared bike lane
Chevron or “sharrow” indicates a shared bike lane.

Shared bike lane rules:
  • Drivers and cyclists both use the same travel lane

diamond bike solid and dashed lines
Glenbow Dr
  • Merges into a shared lane closer to Fifth Ave
What the dashed line means:
  • usually near intersections
  • drivers who want to turn right should shoulder-check for cyclists, yield when cyclists are using the bike lane, then move into the right lane to turn when the way is clear.
sharrow w bike Railway St
  • Vehicles and bikes share the road
  • Allows room for on-street parking
Note: cyclists should stay to the right when there’s room
single file road sign