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This season, become (re)acquainted with the remarkable shops and services, right in your own backyard. Meet the people with the shops and services that are the heart and soul of our community.

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Here are some of the stories we've already received!
Natalie (centre) is proud to shop Cochrane because she knows the money she spends in town does more than purchase things. It supports local families and helps keep our community strong. “Everything is here. Convenience, selection and sustainability,” says Natalie. “All our fabulous one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants are part of what makes Cochrane a great place to live.”


Kayla (right) is an enthusiastic Cochrane shopper because of the great variety of products she can find here. “Local stores carry great inventory — and it’s stuff I don’t see in chain stores,” says Kayla. “They seem to choose products based on what their customers want — they often carry specialized and unique items from local sources like artists and farmers.”

Doug says

I was recently looking for a specialty item that's not easy to find. Natural, biodegradable sunscreen. Most people I talked to didn't even know that existed when I told them what I was looking for. The wonderful people at Grand Avenue Pharmacy knew exactly what I was talking about and had 2 other recommendations for me. Cochrane has everything you need!

Carolynne says
"I have lived in Cochrane for over 30 years and have always tried to shop locally; not just for my Christmas shopping list but my everyday shopping needs as well. I love not having to go to the city unless I absolutely can't find what I need right here in town. It still amazes me when I go into one of the small businesses and the girl at the till asks how my kids are by name."

Lynn says

"I love to shop in Cochrane — I think we are very lucky to have so many great shops and so much variety right on our doorstep. If we do not support our local businesses they may close down and we will all lose out on the convenience,the choice and most of all the friendly community spirit that we enjoy now in Cochrane."

A wonderful Cochrane resident says
"Cochrane is my place to shop for Christmas, due to the fact so many store on Main Street have that unique gift for my hard to buy for family. I love small town shopping, no looking for a parking spot, no line ups, just great people!"

A fabulous local friend says
"I love the friendly service I always get when I visit the local Cochrane stores. This experience is something I really enjoy my children witnessing. We are new to this town and so far the experience had been great!"

A lovely neighbour says
"It's easy to forget many of the great local shops we have in Cochrane when you get in the habit of taking a certain route through town in your routine. I love knowing that these shops exist, but I realize it's not enough to appreciate them - I need to support them if I want them to continue to be here providing quality and uniqueness. As a parent of teens, I'm also really appreciative of the employment local businesses provide for youth within walking/biking distance."

Bonnie loves shopping Cochrane because she knows local shopping is a crucial component for growth. “When local businesses are successful, more entrepreneurs are attracted to start businesses in Cochrane,” says Bonnie. “More successful businesses lead to more local jobs and more revenue circulating through our community.”

Greg connects shopping Cochrane with his strong commitment to the community. “When local people serve local people, they are generally committed to staying here and raising their families,” says Greg. “After all, most businesses started out as a small, local enterprises. They earn their success with great products, services and local involvement.”

Cayley is proud to shop Cochrane and support local businesses with her presence and her dollars. “Shopping is really voting with your wallet; shopping locally shows that I cast my vote for Cochrane,” says Cayley. “And as a local business owner, it makes me immensely happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the Cochrane I want to see in the future.”