Why is the Town launching an organics collection program?
Divertible organic waste, including food waste, yard waste, food soiled paper, and pet waste comprises over 65% of our waste and remains one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. The Town of Cochrane has a goal of 80% waste diversion by 2020. Removing organics from our garbage will help do that. Council approved the Zero-Waste Framework in 2012 which outlines ways to reach those goals. Find out how at cochrane.ca/ZeroWaste. The Town is required by the City of Calgary to implement organic collection in order to continue using City of Calgary landfills.

All homes that currently receive Town waste and recycling collection will also get organics collection starting in April 2017.

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1. Why is the Town launching an organics collection program?
2. How do I know if my home will get organics collection?
3. What happens to my organics after they’re collected?
4. What organic material is accepted?
5. What kind of bags should I use for pet waste?
6. What’s the easiest way to get food scraps from my kitchen to my green bin?
7. What's the best way to use my kitchen catcher?
8. Can I use a bag in my kitchen catcher?
9. What if my kitchen catcher starts to smell?
10. Got any tips for using my green cart?
11. What if my green cart starts to smell?
12. Is there any material NOT accepted in my green cart?
13. I already use a backyard composter. Can I still use it?
14. Can I dispose of my organic waste in my in-sink garbage disposal instead of using the cart?