Animal Services

General information

All dogs and cats over three months old must have a current Town of Cochrane licence.

I want to...
Pay for my animal licence
•  to use Cochrane's eServices portal
 • pay in person at the RancheHouse (101 RancheHouse Rd) or The Station (360 Railway St W)

Fun Facts

  • Dogs can enjoy Town pathways on a leash with their owners
  • There are four off-leash parks in Town, totaling 6 hectares.
  • Dispensers with biodegradable waste bags can be found in 10 locations on Town parks and pathways.


Under the Animal Bylaw 04/2016, both dogs and cats in Cochrane must be licensed. Cats must remain on their owner's property and may not roam. Dogs must always be under their owner's control when off their property, and must be on leash except in designated off-leash areas.

Check the Animal Bylaw FAQ for more information.


Licences and fees
Impounded Animals
Responsible Pet Ownership
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