Supplementary Assessment

Important Dates 2023

January 115% Penalty applied on all outstanding taxes
January 20Assessment Notices Mailed
January 30Notice of Assessment Date
January 30 - March 3160 day review period
March 31Final date to file a complaint
May 30Property Tax Bills mailed
June 30Property tax payments due
July 17% Penalty applied on all outstanding current taxes
October 18% Penalty applied on all outstanding current taxes
October 20Supplementary Bills Mailed
October 30Supplementary Notice of Assessment Date
October 30 - December 29Supplementary 60 day review period
December 29Final date to file a complaint for Supplementary Assessments
December 31Supplementary property tax payments due

Yearly Supplementary Assessment

A supplementary assessment and taxation notice will be mailed to you if your property is newly constructed and was completed or occupied during the current year. 

The annual assessment notice reflects the condition of your property as of December 31 of the previous year. You will receive a supplementary assessment and tax notice if your property was not fully constructed as of December 31, this notice will reflect the increase in value of the property.

The supplementary assessment is the new total assessed value less the previous annual assessed value. The supplementary assessment is then pro rated based on the number of months that the improvement has been completed and/or occupied for the year and multiplied by the tax rate. This notice will be mailed to the property owner and will reflect the additional taxes owed for the year.

Supplementary assessment and tax bills are mailed no later than October 31 and payments are due by December 31.

Example Assessment for 2022

A vacant lot is assessed at $200,000 as of December 31. In the following year, construction of a new home starts and is completed and occupied as of October 1. The new revised total assessment on the home is valued at $450,000, which consists of the land assessed at $200,000, and the building at $250,000. The supplementary tax bill is calculated as follows:

Type of Property: Residential Single Family Figure
Total assessment $450,000
Less annual assessment (shown on annual tax bill in June) $200,000
Supplementary assessment $250,000
Assessed months 3
Amount $468.42

Supplementary Assessment ($250,000) x Tax Rate (.0074947) /12 (number of months in a year) x Assessed Months (3) = Amount.

It is important that you pay all outstanding taxes on or before December 31 to avoid a penalty .