SLT group

Standing from left: Rick Deans, Senior Manager, Infrastructure Services; Dave Devana, Chief Administrative Officer; Stacey Loe, Senior Manager, Legislative & Protective Services; Paige Milner, Senior Manager, Corporate Services.

Sitting, from left: Drew Hyndman, Senior Manager, Development Services; Suzanne Gaida, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; Gerry Murphy, Senior Manager, Community Services.

Chief Administrative Officer

Cochrane’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides leadership and direction to approximately 300 full-time, part-time and seasonal staff who work for the Town of Cochrane. See the organizational chart.

The CAO has an important role as a bridge between Administration and Council: the CAO ensures Town Council has all the information it needs to make sound policy decisions, and as administrative leader, the CAO ensures the municipality's work is carried out according to approved policy.

The CAO is apolitical, overseeing municipal operations and ensuring Council’s priorities and strategic directions are achieved in the most effective way.

Senior Leadership Team

The CAO receives advice and assistance from the members of the Senior Leadership Team:

Rick Deans

Senior Manager, Infrastructure Services

Drew Hyndman

Senior Manager, Development Services

Stacey Loe

Senior Manager, Legislative and Protective Services

Paige Milner

Senior Manager, Corporate Services

Gerry Murphy

Senior Manager, Community Services