Permits & Inspections

Cochrane Inspectors work with homeowners and contractors to inspect and approve the design and construction for building, electrical, gas and plumbing work to uphold Provincial and National safety codes and standards.

Permit applications give you:

  • Legal documentation showing compliance with applicable codes and standards.
  • Permit documentation, granting legal permission to start construction.
  • Consultation with Inspectors

Online permit process

All Cochrane permit applications (building, electrical, gas, plumbing) can be filled out and submitted via email, saving paper and dealing with applications efficiently. Payments can be completed over the phone then we’ll email your final permit — no trip to the RancheHouse required!

Here’s how it works:

Most building permit applications are completed within 10 business days. Before getting started on your next project, complete the online permit process. 

Get your permit. Start your project.

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Spot the permit 1The July 21 Cochrane Eagle featured a game for readers to find all the projects in this backyard that needs a permit to get started.

Spot the permit ANSWERS

TWO projects in this photo may require a permit. 

1. Sheds or detached garages with an area 10m2 or greater.

2. New gas or solid fuel fired appliances require a permit. 

What other outdoor projects need a permit? 

  1. Decks 24" or taller
  2. Deck coverings with solid roofs that will support snow loads
  3. Hot tubs
  4. Retaining wall 4' or taller
  5. Stairs over three risers

Review the Permit information and inspection requirements to learn more about your project permit needs.