Campaign Disclosure Statements

As per the Local Authorities Elections Act, all candidates must comply with the Municipal Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure sections of the Act.

The following candidates accepted campaign contributions from others and have filed a Form 21 and supporting documents. Their statements are provided in the pdf document:

The following candidates were not required to file a Form 21 because their campaign was funded exclusively by their own funds and spent less than $10,000 on their election campaign:

  • Vivian Cox

  • Marni Fedeyko

  • Scott Gibson-Craig

  • Kent Liang

  • Patrick Price

  • Alex Reed

  • Ross Watson

  • Patrick Wilson

The municipal general election was Monday October 16, 2017.
Town of Cochrane elections are regulated by Bylaw 14/2017, the Municipal Election Bylaw, passed under the authority of the Local Authorities Election Act.

2017 Official Election Results

The Mayor and new Council will be sworn in Monday October 23 in a ceremony in Council Chambers at the Cochrane RancheHouse.

A total of 7,046 residents voted, out of 18,718 eligible voters, or 38%.

Final numbers:


Jeff Genung 4,321*
Ivan Brooker 2,252
Tom Hardy 440


Morgan Nagel 4,461*
Tara McFadden 3,429*
Marni Fedeyko 3,343*
Susan Flowers 3,033*
Patrick Wilson 2,446*
Alex Reed 2,381*
Dan Cunin 2,373
Ross Watson 2,368
Miles Chester 2,240
Patrick Price 2,057
Vivian Cox 1,615
Scott Gibson-Craig 1,429
Jason Phillips 1,422
Bella Fallis 1,330
Kent Liang 707


More information:

For more information about Cochrane’s municipal election process, please contact:
Manager, Legislative Services/Returning Officer

Senior Manager, Legislative & Government Services