Centre Avenue & Highway 1A Improvements

The Town of Cochrane is making changes to Centre Avenue as part of a larger project plan to reduce traffic congestion and improve community connectivity in Cochrane. Town Council identified these goals as being critical to planning for Cochrane’s future.

The redesign and construction of Centre Avenue will provide immediate traffic flow benefits for residents, commuters and visitors using this corridor during peak times:

  • Centre Ave map with detailed changes (PDF)
  • Centre Ave interactive map (link)

The broader improvements project is scheduled into four phases. Future phases include an improved intersection at Centre Avenue and Highway 1A, and the eventual realignment of Fourth and Fifth Avenues. 

The Town is committed to sharing project information in a timely manner. Please contact us at TownProjects@cochrane.ca if you have questions or concerns. 

Phase 1: 2020

Centre Ave Phase 1

  • Repainting Centre Avenue to add one new southbound lane between Highway 1A and First Street 
  • Removal of on-street parking on Centre Ave
  • Change in residential street access off Centre Avenue; intersections at Mountain Street, William Street, Second Street and all alleyways off Centre Avenue will be right-in/right-out access only – Powell Street will remain an all-turns intersection

Phase 2: 2021

Centre Ave Phase 2

  • Dual left turn lanes off 1A onto Centre Ave
  • Additional west and eastbound through lanes on Hwy 1A between 4th Ave and Centre Ave
    • *Contingent on approval from AB Transportation

Phase 3: 2022

Centre Ave Phase 3

  • Construction of ultimate Centre Ave widening to four lanes

Phase 4: TBD

Centre Ave Phase 4

  • Construction of realignment of 4th Ave to 5th Ave
    • *Contingent on approval from AB Transportation