Highway 1A Improvements

The Highway 1A improvements Project is a long-awaited upgrade to the Highway 1A corridor through Cochrane from east of Centre Avenue to west of Fifth Avenue. 

The project includes a widening from two lanes to four lanes, as well as pathways and sidewalks north and south of the highway. 

HWY 1A Improvements: Rendering 

Highway 1A upgrade details

Watch the flyover video to see what it looks like!
  • two westbound lanes from the bottom of the hill to west of Sixth Ave
  • two eastbound lanes from west of Sixth Ave to the bottom of the hill
  • medians to divide east and westbound traffic, as well as define turning lanes, between the bottom of the hill and west of Sixth Ave
  • dedicated dual left turn lanes from westbound Hwy 1A onto Centre Ave, and single left turn lanes onto Third Ave and Fifth Ave
  • dedicated right-turn lane from Centre Ave onto Hwy 1A
  • new access to Third St businesses via Centre Ave north of Highway 1A
  • realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave
  • new access and turning lanes for Sixth Ave W businesses


Construction is planned to start in the spring of 2021, with completion of the corridor widening work in the fall of 2021. Final landscaping will be completed in 2022.


Project budget

The total project budget is $13.8m.

  • $900,000: Engineering & Planning (2020) 
  • $8.6m: Complete highway transportation upgrades (2021)
  • $3.1m: Realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave (2021)
  • $885,000: Allowance for Town enhancements on highway transportation upgrades (2022)
  • $275,000: Additional construction and engineering (2022)