Outdoor Maintenance

Keeping Our Parks Healthy and Thriving

Town Parks staff use an integrated pest management strategy which encourages healthy growth of turf and native plants in our open spaces.   The goal is to sustain, preserve and enhance the aesthetic beauty and heritage features of our natural and developed park areas.  

Maintenance Standards

The Parks and Open Spaces section have developed these maintenance standards as a benchmark for a minimum level of performance. Developers or Home Owner Associations may perform an increased level of maintenance. All maintenance activities are weather dependent.

Maintenance Classes

• Class A
Represents the highest level of maintenance and is reserved for high profile areas, horticultural and landscape features and displays that are maintained a minimum of once per week during the growing season.  Includes Center Ave, Historic Downtown and the Cochrane Ranchehouse.

• Class B
This class represents all irrigated and non-irrigated sports fields.

• Class C
This includes irrigated and non-irrigated green spaces that are maintained on a regular basis. Includes playgrounds, school grounds, parks, community neighborhood entrances, traffic islands, boulevards, pathway systems and cemeteries.

• Class D
This class will have a low maintenance turf program, limited horticulture features and are generally natural grasses and shrubs. Included in these areas are open spaces that are in transition from Class C or D, to a naturalized state indicative of Class E.

• Class E
These are natural areas and include steep escarpments, gullies, coulees, environmental reserves and lands entitled to the Town but are either undeveloped or are being naturalized.


Desired Results:

  • Areas checked minimum once per week and mowed as required
  • No highly visible grass clippings on turf classification A and B. Clippings should not accumulate to the point of creating an appearance problem or inhibit lawn growth in other classifications.
  • Grass clippings should not be present on sidewalks, pathways, roadways mulch beds or any other hard surfaces.
  • A mow strip of approximately 1 meter wide to be maintained adjacent to pathways running through non-manicured areas.

Target Turf Height:

  • A - 3” preferred, mow as required
  • B - 3” preferred, mow as required
  • C - 3” preferred, mow as required
  • D - 4” preferred, mow as required, generally 2 times per year
  • E - leave natural and uncut