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Waste & Recycling Collection Companies

There is no municipally operated collection program for commercial businesses in Cochrane, the Town of Cochrane has left the collection of waste, recycling and organics for businesses up to the private sector. That means you can make the waste management decisions most appropriate for your business. View all of your waste, recycling and organic company choices online.

Not sure where to start? Use our How to choose a hauler? tool to help you find the collection company best suited to your business needs.

 Important Questions to Ask Waste Collection Companies

  • What size will my bins be?
  • Will my bins have a lock?
  • Will my bins have a closing lid?
  • What is my collection frequency? What day of the week will my bins be emptied?
  • What type of waste material is permitted in each bin?
  • What type of recyclable materials is permitted in my recycling bin? Are there any special preparation (sorting) requirements before I put these materials in my recycling bin?
  • Does your company offer cardboard recycling bins? Does your company offer co-mingled recycling bins? (cardboard, newspaper, paper, plastic, tin, glass all together in one bin).
  • How much will this cost? Will you give me a better price if I arrange for waste, recycling and organics collection through your company?
  • Can I adjust my collection frequency?
  • Do I have to sign a contract? How long is the contract? Is there an automatic renewal clause in the contract?