Weeds in Cochrane

We know your garden is your pride and joy. Town parks and public spaces are ours. That’s why the Town of Cochrane is working so hard to protect our parks and open spaces from invasive species. Check out the province’s Weed Control Act online and the Alberta Invasive Species Council for details on controlling noxious weeds and destroying prohibited weeds on your property.

Controlling Invasive Species

You can help control invasive species in Cochrane:

  • On your property: If you see a plant designated as a weed on your property, remove it by pulling, digging, mowing or treating it with an appropriate product so that it does not spread. Local garden centres can advise on appropriate products. The Cochrane Public Library has helpful gardening resources; you can also find help online at Gardening for Wildlife, among others.

    Under the Alberta Weed Control Act, you are responsible for controlling noxious weeds and destroying prohibited weeds on your property. The Town also requires you to control dandelions and messy yards under the Nuisance and Unsightly Premises Bylaw. Fines start at $300.
  • On public property: If you see noxious weeds or prohibited weeds on public property within town limits, please notify Parks and Open Spaces at 403-851-2590.

Complying With the Alberta Weed Control Act

Parks and Open Spaces has developed thresholds and standard operation procedures in compliance with the Alberta Weed Control Act and the Town of Cochrane Nuisance and Unsightly Premises Bylaw. Town procedures ensure all reasonable steps are taken to protect and enhance our natural, recreational and non-recreational environments through an integrated pest management and vegetation approach. 

This integrated approach combines cultural and mechanical practices such as fertilizing, cutting, trimming, aerating, etc.,with chemical practices such as herbicide applications. We try to minimize chemical application; when we do feel it necessary to treat, we spot-spray as much as possible, only spraying the areas affected by the weed. As well, application is limited to one application per site per target pest annually.

The Town only uses products registered and approved by Health Canada for use in residential areas. Use is advertised in advance of seasonal application and signs are posted prior to and during application.


In general, dandelions are targeted in the spring in local parks, greenbelts and sports fields as required.  While thistle and other noxious and prohibited noxious weeds are targeted in July and August throughout the town. Parks and Open Spaces monitors and treats any unexpected weed throughout the season.

The Town requires you to control weeds in your yard under the Nuisance and Unsightly Premises Bylaw or the Alberta Weed Control Act.

The Town of Cochrane is helping local groups earn $300!

Local groups, teams and charitable organizations can apply to pull weeds in a Town park and help reduce invasive species in Town. After successful completion of the weed pull, the Town will donate $300 to the group.

The Town of Cochrane provides training and bags to remove material.

Apply now!

Groups must be:

• based in Cochrane and have more than 50% of active members residing in Cochrane
 • be an accredited and legitimate organization


Groups must provide:
 • description of how the donation will benefit their group
 • three options for dates when the group is available for 2 hours (between July and September, Monday-Friday, with a start time 9 am-2 pm)
 • at least 12 volunteers (certain age restriction apply)

Once a group’s application is approved, they meet with a Town of Cochrane Parks representative at the specified time and location for training.


Required forms

• Print and sign one Weed Pull Terms and Conditions for your group. Bring it with you when you meet with Town Parks.
• Please print and distribute Weed Pull Participant Registration Forms for all group volunteers. They will have to bring signed forms to the weed pull or they can not participate.