Official 2021 Election Results

Mayoral CandidateTotal Number of Votes ReceivedElected Official
Jeff GenungElected by Acclamation

Councillor CandidateTotal Number of Votes ReceivedElected Official
Morgan Nagel3,527
Tara McFadden3,140
Marni Fedeyko3,036
Susan Flowers2,956
Patrick Wilson2,950
Alex Reed2,498
Paul Singh2,420
Bruce Townley1,788
Brandon Michael Cruze1,584
Daniel Cunin1,478
Todd Muir1,395
Ryan McMillan1,220
Samantha Lynn Nickerson1,112
Kaitlin Chamberlain981
Erika Lange951
Deborah Murphy875
Alan Cox874
Paul Gregory Crierie739
Alexander William Murphy184


2021 Voter Turnout

In total, 6,842 votes were cast in the 2021 election. This represents 33% of eligible voters who voted in this year’s municipal election based on municipal population estimates by the Office of Statistics and Information at Alberta Treasury Board and Finance.