Water Loss Mitigation

Protecting our Water Infrastructure

Recognizing the value of Town water and water-related infrastructure, Cochrane is taking a proactive approach in initiating a water system integrity survey in coming weeks. This multi-year project will analyze all Town-owned water system piping infrastructure up to and including the ‘curb stop’ water valve located at the property line between the Town and property owner


Residents can anticipate Town crews in various neighborhoods working through identifying and repairing areas of underground water distribution. 

Through the inspections, crews will be looking for any potential water leaks or breaks. In the event that there is a leak or a break on the property owner’s side of the service connection, it is the responsibility of the property owner to repair or replace the service connection on their property. Property owners should be aware of their responsibility and check their insurance policies for specific coverage for leaks and breaks.

What are the responsibilities of a homeowner and the Town with regards to a water service?

The Town owns the water service from the water main to the curb stop valve and that infrastructure is Town responsibility. The pipe from the ‘curb stop’ valve and property line is the responsibility of the property owner.

The drawing identifies the placement of typical water service system components and the delineation between Town and property owner responsibilities (‘Blue’ for Town, and ‘Orange’ for Property Owner).  


Ignoring an identified system water leak could result in an unexpected water service failure and/or foundation damage to the home or adjacent properties.  

Additionally, there are specific items that a homeowner can watch for which may indicate an issue with their water service, such as:

  • A significant reduction in water pressure within the home. 
  • The sump pump in the basement running regularly. 
  • Constant water running noise emanating from the basement, with no visible source.
  • Soft/wet ground not associated with an irrigation system. 

If property owners believe they may have an issue, Town staff are available to investigate and help determine if there is a leak on the water service connection. This is a complimentary service provided at no charge to the property owner.