Freedom of Information Statistics And Releases

Statistics Requests to Local Public Bodies

Each issue of this annual publication includes summary statistics on the number of access to information requests for general information and personal information received by individual local public bodies, which include municipalities and other local governing bodies, schools, post-secondary institutions, health management bodies, housing management bodies, police services and commissions, Métis Settlements, public libraries, drainage districts, and irrigation districts:

The Number Of Requests Made To The Town Of Cochrane Annually

General Information Requests
Personal Information Requests
Correction of Personal Information
Total Requests
2021-2022 - TBD Official stats not finalized for the province

TBD - To be Determined

2023 Town of Cochrane FOIP Requests To Date

Request Number
Date Initiated
Response Date
Number of Pages Released
Processing Time Hourly 
Time Between Initiation and Response
FOIP2023-000101/25/2302/23/2315621 hours29 days
FOIP2023-000203/02/2304/03/23293 and 2726 hours30 days  (further info. requested by the applicant & released as an extension to FOIP2023-02 on 04/06/23
FOIP2023-000303/24/23TBDTBDIn ProgressPending Authorization
FOIP2023-000403/29/2305/02/23245.5 hours30 days (plus 4 days held for clarification)
FOIP2023-000504/19/2305/19/2320620 hours30 days
FOIP2023-000603/31/23Transferred - Readily Releasable Info.01 hour4 days
FOIP2023-000703/31/2305/01/2326610 hours30 days
FOIP2023-0008TBDTBDTBDTBDPending Authorization
FOIP2023-000904/17/2304/24/23192 hours7 days
FOIP2023-001004/19/2305/19/23 extension to 06/18/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-001104/19/2305/19/23 extension to 06/18/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-001204/19/2305/19/2334820 hours30 days
FOIP2023-001304/19/2305/19/2336721 hours30 days
FOIP2023-001405/25/2306/25/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-001504/25/2305/25/23356 hours30 days
FOIP2023-001604/25/2305/05/2301.5 hours10 Days
FOIP2023-001705/05/2306/05/23 - released 05/25/23476 hours20 days
FOIP2023-001805/03/2305/03/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-0019TBDTBDTBDTBDPending Payment/Authorization
FOIP2023-0020TBDTBDTBDTBDPending Payment/Authorization
FOIP2023-002105/11/2306/11/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-002205/11/2306/11/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-002305/16/2306/16/23TBDTBDIn Progress
FOIP2023-002405/24/2306/24/23TBDTBDIn Progress

TBD(to be determined)

Proactive Freedom of Information Releases

Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) allows people to access information held by the Town of Cochrane.  Beginning in 2023, the Town of Cochrane posts weekly updates, of Freedom of Information responses with the exception of those that are personal requests, required the owner's authorization, are third-party information, and/or are confidential under the Act. In compliance with the Act, information in the records falling under an exception or exemption in the Act is severed from the record.  Severed information in the document is noted in red text on the page.  The original request for records is contained in the response letter.

There are several key activities involved with processing an Access to Information request and the number of pages released to applicants is not a reflection of the staff resources, consultations, volume of records, or time required to respond.  

2023 Town of Cochrane Processed FOIP Requests

Date of Release
Release File
February 23, 2023Mayor and CAO Travel Expenses Sept 2022-January 2023FOIP2023-0001 Mayor Genung and CAO Derricott's financial travel expenses between September 2022 - January 20, 2023. All documents pertaining to flights, on-ground travel, hotels, meals, payments for clubs, and associations expensed to the Town.  

Flight types, economy, business, onboard meals, beverages, and any documents relating to that travel event. 
April 3, 2023Mayor and CAO Expense ReportsFOIP2023-0002 Monthly expense reports, expense-related emails, and texts, relating to Jeff Genung, Mayor, and Mike Derricott, CAO from January 2020 to August 2022. Applicant clarified with the Town, specifically: any receipts for hotel expenses greater than $150, restaurant bills greater than $100, and valet parking receipts.

The applicant later extended the request for a copy of our Business Expense Administrative Directive and all CAO receipts for relocation expenses.
April 24, 2023Cochrane Fire Incident (Apr 27, 2019)FOIP2023-0009 All records, photos, statements, diagrams, and other materials relating to a motor vehicle collision, on April 27, 2019, on Highway 1, near Calaway Park (heading east).
May 19, 2023Colt-Records

FOIP2023-0005 Colt information: Ridership numbers (monthly report); expenses (monthly report), Revenues (monthly report), Southland contract, and any bargaining agreements.

All reports should be for the time Colt came into service, up to and including the current date. 

May 19, 2023All CAO and Mayor Expenses Below $100
FOIP2023-0012 All expense receipts under $100 that were not requested in the original FOIP request Reference: 2023-0002. Range of Records: January 2020-September 2022.

FOIP 2023-0002 requested all Mayor and CAO expenses, expensed to the Town of Cochrane for the period of January 2020 - August 2022. 

Applicant clarified with the Town to include the Mayor and CAO Derricott expenses and receipts only for hotel expenses greater than $150, Restaurant bills greater than $100, and valet parking receipts. 
May 19, 2023Mayor and CAO - All Expenses
FOIP2023-0013  All expenses (receipts) from Mayor Jeff and CAO Derricott from January 2020 through to the end of September 31, 2022.