Change of Tenancy

If you are a business owner looking to relocate or change the type of business conducted in a commercial or industrial building or bay, or on a residential property, you may not need a Development Permit However, you will need to submit a Change of Tenancy Application before you can receive a Building Permit for renovations or obtain your Business License.

The Change of Tenancy application process is used by the Town of Cochrane to ensure that the proposed business and location comply with the Land Use Bylaw. It also helps us maintain a record of the current permitted activities on the property  (Section 1.12.2 of Land Use Bylaw 01/2022)

A Change of Tenancy application is required when:

  • The proposed business type is a permitted use within the relevant land use district, and
  • There is no increase in the building's or unit’s total floor area, or
  • A Development Permit was previously issued for a Home Occupation Class 2, but a new business type is proposed that meets all the previous approval conditions.

During the Change of Tenancy process, Planning Services will look at:

  • Zoning of the property and its current and proposed uses (Zoning review)
  • Any proposed renovations
  • Signage
  • Existing Development Permits (for residential properties)
  • Any other permits required according to the Land Use Bylaw

Thinking about opening a business?

  • Consult with the Planning Staff as early as possible to discuss your proposed location and business type. We can offer initial guidance and explain the process.
  • Fill out a Change of Tenancy Application
  • Email your completed application form and all relevant documents (e.g., sign information/drawings, floor plans if renovating, site plan) to

What happens next?

  • The application process takes a minimum of 10 days as we share it with affected departments for review and comments. If we need further clarification, we will reach out to you.
  • Once our review is complete, we will email you the results and outline the next steps.