Construction Updates

Scheduled work
IMPORTANT NOTE: Dates for all outdoor projects are weather dependent. For your safety and the safety of the crews working, please be patient, follow flag person directions and obey all signs in the area. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Parks and Open Spaces
Water and Wastewater

Spring-summer 2019 (schedule to be confirmed)
George Fox Trail
James Walker Trail
Griffin Road
George Fox Trail upgrading
- 2km of road resurfacing
- road markings
- bikes lanes
- new regional pathway connections

James Walker Trail extension
- 1.5km of new arterial roadway connection from new Bridge to Riveira, incl. 3 roundabouts and regional pathway connections

Griffin Road
- approx 2km of arterial roadway top lift paving  

Jan-AprWater Treatment Plant, 141 West Terrace PtWork begins in Jan to install air blowers in the existing east low lift pump chamber. This will eliminate the use of mobile air compressors and reduce disturbances. Work also includes some trenching to install electrical and communication lines, which may impact the pathway temporarily; please obey barricades and signage. Construction traffic and parking will be localized and is not expected to affect residents.Water and Wastewater
Spring 2019Horse Creek Road Pedestrian CrossingThe Town and CP are collectively working on the design of this crossing. Additional scope has been added to relocate some siding track that conflicts with the alignment of the crossing location. This conflict has a large impact on the safety of the crossing and CP is currently preparing a work plan to relocate the track. This crossing is a priority and will continue to be advanced in a timely way. Early indication from CP is that the project implementation will now be delayed until the spring of 2019 while design details are finalized.Roads
Summer 2018-Fall 2020Bridge across the Bow RiverThe new bridge across the Bow River located near the SLS Family Sports Center. The new bridge and the arterial road connections also include on-street bike lanes and a separated, parallel 3-metre wide multi-use pathway that connects with Cochrane’s existing pathway system.More: