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Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Waste Diversion Implementation Plan

The Town of Cochrane has set a goal to divert 80% of waste sent to the landfill by 2020 and ICI sector is included in the Zero Waste Framework (adopted by Town Council in 2012) which outlines how to reach this goal.

As per the City of Calgary’s Waste Diversion Strategy, landfills will start banning loads of garbage containing paper and cardboard Fall 2018 and will ban loads of garbage containing organics Fall of 2019.  

Since most waste from Cochrane goes to Calgary landfills, it is imperative that we are consistent with the new Calgary requirements.

City of Calgary Timeline

The Town of Cochrane is developing a local Waste Diversion Strategy that aligns with The City of Calgary and addresses the unique qualities of Cochrane’s ICI community.  

To develop our own ICI Waste Diversion Program the Town of Cochrane will be holding working sessions at the end of February 2018.

In these sessions we will be detailing the City of Calgary’s program, receiving your input and ideas on how to implement recycling and organics in the ICI sector and discussing current waste management needs and how the Town of Cochrane can best support these needs in the future.

The following is a list of sessions we are hosting to discuss the above in more detail: 

Business Type/Sector




Open Session -Business Breakfast

all businesses including retail
- Confirmation required

Tuesday February 27, 2018


Royal Canadian Legion

(114 Fifth Ave, Cochrane)

Accommodation and Food Industry (hotels, motels, grocery stores, restaurants)

Tuesday February 27, 2018


Royal Canadian Legion

(114 Fifth Ave, Cochrane)

Institutions (schools, churches, health centres, museums)

Wednesday February 28, 2018


Lions Club Event Centre

(109 Fifth Ave, Cochrane)

Downtown Businesses

Wednesday February 28, 2018


Lions Club Event Centre

(109 Fifth Ave, Cochrane)

Please complete the online survey and provide your input/feedback to develop our own ICI Waste Diversion Program.

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Cochrane Waste Assessment & Education Services

Looking for ways to reduce your business's waste? Not sure where to begin? The Town of Cochrane is happy to provide an onsite waste assessment to help you achieve your waste management and waste reduction goals. Call us at 403-851-2277 or email us to make arrangements for your no-charge assessment.

Cochrane Eco Centre

Businesses in the Town of Cochrane are welcome to use the Cochrane Eco Centre, which accepts a wide range of materials for recycling and reuse.