Load Bans

Roads are designed to support the weight of heavy trucks, within reason. To maximize the life of a road, and to minimize road maintenance costs, axle weight restrictions are implemented during the spring thaw period and restricted roadways are posted with signs.

Load Limit Bans - Loading Restrictions

Roads DescriptionAxle Percentage
Township Road 262Temporary relaxation from Horse Creek Road to Heritage Hill Lift Station Rd only.  For construction access to Heritage Hills Phase 4 & 5.

From Heritage Hill Lift Station Rd to Range Road 43  

Towers Trail  From George Fox Trail to Municipality's South Boundary75% Year-Round
Rolling Range DriveFrom Highway 22 to Towers Trail. Including Rolling Range Estates and Place.75% Year-Round
Horse Creek RoadFrom Highway 1A to MD of Rockyview BoundaryPlease refer to the Rocky View County website for load restrictions.
Remaining Municipal roads
100% Year-Round

River Avenue bridge - Weight Restrictions

Vehicle PartWeigh Restriction
Single Axle16T

Additional Information

A street-use permit is required to drive or park a vehicle (or combination of attached vehicles), more than the weight restrictions on roadways within the Town (Traffic Bylaw 02/2005). For further information on load bans, route planning or street-use permits, contact Roads at 403-851-2590.