Water & Wastewater


REMINDER: Water consumption thresholds return to pre-COVID19 rates

At their April 14 meeting, Town Council approved an adjustment to residential water consumption thresholds to mitigate against anticipated increases to residential water consumption. More details.

Beginning July 1, the water consumption thresholds return to the pre-COVID19 rates which came into effect on January 1, 2020. For more details on utility rates, visit cochrane.ca/Utilities

The April tier adjustments supported residents whose monthly household water use would likely increase with more people home while provincial public health orders were in place. Council’s decision to return to regular rates was made in consideration of the Province’s phased relaunch strategy and our local businesses reopening their doors.

Town staff are available to help you identify ways to reduce your monthly water use, including tracking down potential water leaks. For information and tips on reducing water consumption at home, visit cochrane.ca/WaterConservation or call 403-851-2280.

General information

Ten full-time staff work around the clock to make sure Cochrane’s water tastes delicious and exceeds provincial requirements for safety. They also oversee Cochrane’s water distribution and metering. Used water is collected in the wastewater collection system where it is pumped to Calgary for treatment.

Be sure to see current water rates online.

Fun Facts

  • Cochrane does not add fluoride to our water. There is a natural fluoride ion of 0.12mg/L in the Bow River source water.
  • Hardness of water is 180 ppm of water (10 - 11 grains per gallon).
  • On our highest water demand day in 2006, we used 12.1 million litres of water (an average of 880 litres per person).
  • Our water treatment plant can treat 22 million litres of water per day.
  • Since the water conservation bylaw was approved in 2008, Cochranites have reduced their average water consumption approximately 15%.