Order of Cochrane

The Mayor and Council’s Order of Cochrane is presented to individuals who, by their commitment, vision, and leadership have created a lasting legacy in the development of our community. The award is presentation in conjunction with the Cochrane Community Awards celebration. 

To nominate for the Order of Cochrane, visit ccawards.ca

Selection Criteria

Recipients are individuals who best exemplify our vision for Cochrane. Innovative, bold and dynamic, Cochrane is a community that creates its destiny by building on our proud heritage. We are people of vision in environmental stewardship and economic vitality which was passed down to us through our strong and rich western Canadian foundation. At the heart of Cochrane we value our small town atmosphere, distinctive big hills, escarpments, waterways and unique opportunities.

We are a community forged by relationships supportive of our common desire to live long, fulfilling lives. As pioneers of sustainability, we build on the legacy of our pioneering past. We honour our heritage. We celebrate our strong relationships. We respect the land. This is what defines the Order of Cochrane recipient.

If you have any questions regarding this award or nomination process, or would like a paper copy of the nomination form, please contact: CAO.Council@cochrane.ca or 403-851-2500. 

Past Recipients

  • 2020 - Valerie McCracken 
  • 2019 - not presented
  • 2018 - Dr. Ross Watson
  • 2017 - Susan Flowers
  • 2016 - Betty and Denis Goodsell
  • 2015 - Jack Tennant
  • 2014 - Maureen Wills
  • 2013 - Lydia Graham
  • 2012 - Gordon Davies
  • 2011 - Jimmy and Christina MacKay Family
  • 2010 - Barry Mjolsness
  • 2009 - Robin Harvie