Land Use designations

Zoning, or land-use, in Cochrane is designated in the following ways.
To see locations for the various land uses, check the Land Use map page.

 Designation codes


  • Local commercial district (C)
  • Central business district (CB)
  • Shopping centre district (C-SC)
  • Highway commercial district (C-HWY)
  • Recreation commercial district (C-REC)
  • Heritage mixed use district (C-HMU)
  • Commercial residential mixed use district (C-R)
  • Service commercial district (C-S)
  • Business park district (M-BP)
  • General industrial district (M-1)
  • Gravel extraction district (GE)
  • Urban reserve district (UR)
  • Public service district (PS)


  • Residential single-detached dwelling district (R-1)
  • Residential single and two-dwelling district (R-2)
  • Residential medium density Multi-Unit Dwellings District (R-2X)
  • Residential multi-unit dwellings district (R-3)
  • Residential high density multi-unit dwelling district (R-M)
  • Residential manufactured housing community district (MHC) (05/2007)
  • Residential manufactured housing district (MHR) (05/2007)
  • Residential-urban reserve district (UR-R)