Community Associations

Local services, including community programs and events, are delivered through a variety of ways in Cochrane. One of these ways is through Community Associations. Community Associations are comprised of volunteers who develop and deliver programs within their own neighbourhood. 

The Town of Cochrane provides a variety of supports to our local Community Associations. We recognize that the Community Associations are quite often the face of their neighbourhood. If a Community Association exists in your neighbourhood and you are interested in joining, use the contact information below.

Some neighbourhoods have community associations that help with local information, events and support.

Bow Meadows Community AssociationWebsite
Cochrane River Heights Community AssociationFacebook
Cochrane Settlement Community AssociationIgor: 403-932-0077
Gleneagles Community AssociationWebsite
Heartland Community AssociationWebsite
Heritage Hills Community AssociationFacebook, Website
Jumping Pound Ridge Community AssociationFacebook
Riverview Community AssociationWebsite
Sunset Ridge Community AssociationFacebook
Towers Trail and Rolling Range Resident Owners AssociationFrank: 403-620-3209
West Valley / West Terrace Community AssociationValerie: 403-932-3675

If a Community Association does not currently exist in your neighbourhood and you would like to find out how to get started with forming a new Community Association, contact us at 403-851-2250.

Additional Supports Available

FCSS Community Program and Liaison team provide Community Associations with supports that help their members gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. These supports include but aren’t limited to;

• Advice about ‘Getting Started’
• How to run a meeting
• Annual General Meetings
• Grant Writing
• Program development, delivery and evaluation
• Board Development
• Workshops that address your needs as a voluntary organization
• Annual Return