Statutory Plan Amendments

Cochrane’s statutory plans guide planning and development in Cochrane. If the details of a proposed development do not fit current planning policies, an amendment may be necessary.

Statutory plans that can be amended:

Thinking about requesting an amendment to a statutory plan?
Step 1: Please discuss your proposal with Planning staff as soon as possible. We can provide early guidance, describe the process and ensure you are headed in the right direction.

Step 2: complete and submit a Statutory Plan Amendment Application.

Pay the application fee.

Tip: use the checklist to make sure you have everything you need

What happens next?

Once we receive your application, Town staff give it a thorough review and determine if there is sufficient information to make a decision. If we need more information, we'll get in touch to let you know what's missing. 

Your application is circulated to various Town departments, outside agencies and the Cochrane Planning Commission (CPC) for comment.

An amending bylaw is prepared and forwarded to Town Council for First Reading and a public hearing date. The public hearing is when members of the public can provide input on the proposed bylaw. Input from CPC, outside agencies and Town staff is also received.

You are notified of the public hearing date by letter. Notification is also sent to other landowners who are deemed to be affected by the proposed amendment, placed on the Town events calendar and advertised in the local newspaper.

Town Council reviews the input and thoroughly considers all the impacts the proposal may have on the Town before rendering a decision. In some instances, a proposal may be relatively straightforward; in others, it may be complex and have a major impact. 

If Council agrees the proposed amendment has merit, it will adopt the amending bylaw with or without changes. If Town Council sees no merit to the proposal, it will defeat adoption of the bylaw. The decision of Town Council is final and not subject to appeal