Bow Ridge Walls

In summer 2008, homeowners in Bow Ridge contacted the Town because it appeared that retaining walls behind their homes were failing.

The Town of Cochrane has been reviewing issues and concerns regarding two gabion walls in the Bow Ridge Phase 3 subdivision (between Bow Ridge Drive and Bow Ridge Link, and above Bow Ridge Link; see attached map).

The Town retained Stantec Engineering to investigate the cause of the movement. Stantec presented a report to the Town and property owners and recommended a total replacement of the wall to prevent possible future failure. 2010 Stantec Report
The gabion walls themselves are private property, but there is also Town infrastructure present (a drainage swale on top of the wall) to divert runoff. For the swale to operate as designed, the walls must be repaired or replaced.

Current status
The Town’s ultimate goal is to facilitate solutions to fully repair or replace the walls so that risk to property and people is eliminated.

The Town developed strategies to address the walls’ current state and interim solutions:
If necessary, take emergency action to protect persons and property.

  1. Inspections were conducted of all properties involved and property owners were required to make repairs identified to minimize the risk of further movement of the gabion wall.
  2. The Town has commenced legal proceedings with respect to the design and construction of the wall.
  3. The Town, via engineering consultants, has continued to monitor the walls to attempt to identify any further significant changes.
  4. The Town has permanently closed one public staircase, and has taken measures to repair and re-brace a second public staircase.  The Town continues to monitor the open staircase to ensure continued safety.

Please review the full realtor information package for further details.

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