Multi-unit Collection

In June 2014, Town of Cochrane Council approved an amendment to the Waste Management Bylaw requiring all multi-unit properties to provide on-site recycling for their residents. The intention of the amendment is to ensure that Cochrane residents living in apartment complexes, condos and unserviced townhome complexes have access to convenient recycling services just like single family homes in Cochrane.

Timeline for Multi-unit Waste & Recycling Plans

On or before June 1st each year:
The Owner or Manager of a Multi-residential Premises must submit a written “Waste & Recycling Plan” outlining the plans for collection, storage and disposal of Waste and Recyclable Material in accordance with this Bylaw on or before June 1st each year and whenever significant changes are made to the waste and recycling program for that Multi-unit property.

Property owners or managers can submit a Multi-unit Waste and Recycling Plan here

On or before June 1, 2015:
All multi-unit properties in Cochrane must have on-site recycling programs implemented
The Owner or Manager of a Multi-residential Premises must ensure that Waste and Recyclable Material emanating from the Premises is collected, stored and disposed of in accordance with the Waste & Recycling Plan in place for that Premises and that all residents are notified in writing of the requirements for waste and recycling within 30 days of moving in.

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