Property managers and condo boards

Multi-unit properties represent 12 to 15% of the residential dwellings in Cochrane  — just over 1,000 residential units.

Multi-unit properties receive waste and recycling collection services through private contractors managed by condo associations and property management firms. WIthout a recycling program in place, 22 to 45% of the material disposed of in a waste dumpster at a multi-unit property is actually recyclable material.

The tools here will help you plan and implement a recycling program for  your building/complex (all multi-unit properties needed a recycling program in place by June 1, 2015 deadline). If you would like to  meet with Waste & Recycling staff before getting started, contact us to set  up an appointment:
 Ph: 403-851-2277 or 


Use this guide as a reference tool to meet program requirements, and remember  that Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services is here to help.

Your Step-By-Step Guide:Multi-Unit Waste and Recycling Guidebook


Once you have a recycling collection contractor, you're ready to submit your plan  to Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services.

Use this online form. We will be in touch within a week to follow up.

Prefer to fill out on paper and send in?

Print this form, then send to Waste & Recycling Services:

Fax: 403-709-9990
Mail: Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services
101 RancheHouse Rd
Cochrane AB
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Take the pledge!

Committed to getting your recycling program started, but not ready to submit your recycling plan? Take the pledge!

Send it to us:
Fax: 403-709-9990
Mail: Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services
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Find a Waste & Recycling Collector

All companies on this list have been reviewed by the Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services to ensure the materials they collect are hauled to legitimate disposal and processing facilities.

Collector list: there are several active waste and recycling collection companies offering services to multi-unit properties in Cochrane. Whether it is front load dumpsters, carts or compactors, sorted or co-mingled — our list has a recycler that can meet your needs!

Mandatory materials: the Town of Cochrane Waste Management Bylaw specifies what materials must be included in your new multi-unit property recycling program.

 Want to provide in-unit bins for residents? Bin Vendors

Best Practices

Here at Waste & Recycling Services, we understand that each multi-unit property in Cochrane is different. Have a look at our Best Practices to see examples of the different types of recycling programs that can and have been implemented at different multi-unit properties. If you would like to submit your property for our Best Practices, please email us a description of your successful program.

What is the Eco Centre Fee that my Multi-unit property already pays to the Town of Cochrane?

 All multi-unit properties, households and businesses in Cochrane pay an Eco Centre fee of $4.75 per month for the operation of the Town of Cochrane Eco Centre and Special Waste programming. The Cochrane Eco Centre accepts everything from excess recycling, household batteries (rechargeable, alkaline and automotive), propane tanks (all sizes), fluorescent light tubes, CFL's, household hazardous waste (chemicals), paint, aerosols, electronics,scrap metal, glass, styrofoam, leaves & grass, tree trimmings, Christmas Trees, printer cartridges, eye glasses, tassimo pods, used motor oil, oil filtres, oil containers, grease and used cooking oils, food waste, bicycles, clothing and books. All of these programs are funded by that $4.75/month fee.

Other information
 Material accepted at the Cochrane Eco Centre