Organics weekly collection begins April 10, 2023. Please have bins to the curbside by 7:00am on your collection day.
To view, print or set reminders for your collection calendar click here, then enter your address. 


  • coffee grounds and filters, tea bags
  • corn cobs and husks
  • dairy products, egg shells
  • expired food
  • meat, fish bones and shells
  • nuts and shells
  • plate scrapings
  • solid fat and grease
Organics (food) Graphics


  • certified compostable plates, straws, cutlery and cups
  • flour and sugar bags
  • greasy pizza boxes
  • paper coffee bags and filters
  • paper cups (incl. coffee cups, no lids)
  • paper muffin wrappers
  • paper or cardboard take out containers
  • paper plates and paper straws
  • paper towels, tissues and napkins
  • popcorn bags (microwavable)
Paper Goods Graphics


  • branches and pruning (less than 15cm diameter & 1M long)
  • dirt, soil and sod up to 10Kg per week
  • grass clippings, non-regulated weeds (noxious weeds go in a bag tied closed and put in the garbage)
  • hanging out door plants (remove from planter)
  • houseplant clippings and flowers
  • leaves and yard waste
Organics (natural) Graphics

Pet Products

  • bird seed
  • feathers
  • hay animal bedding
  • kitty litter (in a certified compostable bag tightly tied shut)
  • pet food (not the bag, just the food)
  • pet fur (in a certified compostable bag tightly tied shut)
  • pet waste (in a certified compostable bag tightly tied shut)
  • wood animal bedding
Certified Compostable symbols

Natural Fibers

  • chopsticks
  • cotton balls
  • cotton pads
  • dryer lint
  • hair
  • nail clippings
  • napkins
  • natural cork
  • paper towel
  • Q-tips
  • sawdust
  • used tissues
  • wooden popsicle sticks
  • wooden toothpicks
Pet Products Graphics
Natural Fibres Graphics
Last updated: May 6, 2021