sunny columbaria

The Town of Cochrane has three cemeteries which are maintained by Town staff.

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery costs are available by following the link Cemetery Fees.

For more information, please contact Parks and Open Spaces.

Cemetery Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance and clean up in all cemeteries is done each spring by Town staff. All non-compliant items are removed and placed for pick-up on the shelf at the entrance of the Cochrane Cemetery.

Non-compliant items include plants, flowers, ground cover, rock, mulch, borders, fences, pictures, ornaments, flower holders or vases, pots, jars, bottles, crosses, wreathes, upright decorations and more. Please check the Cemetery bylaw for details.

Markers with permanent vases are permitted to have fresh or silk flowers.

Cemetery Master Plan

Cochrane Town Council approved the Cemetery Master Plan at their November 14, 2016 meeting.

Goals of the Cemetery Master Plan:

  • create strategies to improve the layout and operation of the Cochrane Cemetery
  • implement current best practices and trends
  • enhance the range of interment options

St Andrews Columbaria Niches now available.

  • Two new columbaria have been installed in St. Andrews Cemetery
  • 64 niches available
  • Choice of niche is permitted
  • Niches can be purchased for a single urn or for two urns.