Household Water Use

In 2016, the Town of Cochrane Water Treatment Plant produced 2581 million litres of water, approximately 1591 million litres was consumed in residential homes.

The average residential home uses 428 litres/day during the winter and 521 litres/day during the summer. On a monthly basis, this works out to an average monthly consumption of 11.6 cubic metres and 15.8 cubic metres respectively.

Examples of household water use:

  • A 10-minute shower with a low flow shower head (7.6 litres/min) equals 76 litres per person
  • A dishwasher load uses 40 litres
  • A load of laundry in a high efficiency machine uses about 45 litres, an older inefficient machine would use 140 litres
  • Toilet flushing (assuming four uses per day per person at 4.8 litres/flush) uses 48 litres per day

How does your home measure up?

Water use too high?
 Concerned about your water use? Things to check in your home:

  • A leaking toilet can be very costly. Check for leaks by putting food colouring in your tank, if the colour runs through into the bowl you have a leak. Colour tabs are also available from the Town of Cochrane
  • Check your furnace humidifier valve. If the valve is fully open, the flow may be too high.
  • Do you have a water softener? Check that it is not "stuck" in the regenerate cycle.
  • Irrigation systems should be checked for leaks during the irrigation season. Always ensure the system has been winterized and the inside control valve is closed at the end of the season.
  • Remember to shut your water off when you go away!

Check out this complete guide on household water use published by CMHC.

The Town of Cochrane uses two different types of water meters to measure the water consumed at your house. Meters installed from mid 2011 until now are called iPerl (below); meters installed before mid 2011 are called SRII and have a simple analog dial read out on the meter head.

iperl with radio_Labelled

Approximately 7200 homes are equipped with radio transmitters (left) that are used to collect monthly meter reads. Over half of the radios are equipped with the function of storing hourly meter readings for 35 days.

Overnight Test
 To help track down a water leak in your home, complete an overnight test:

  • Just before bed, read your water meter. Your water meter is located in your basement, near the furnace or hot water tank.
  • In the morning, before using any water read the water meter again. Calculate the amount of water used overnight

The iPerl water meter has a digital display that reads water use to a tenth of a mililitre; for billing purposes the Town of Cochrane reads the meter to a tenth of a cubic metre.

Glen meter display_Labelled

The SRII meters are typically read to whole cubic meters.

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