Long-term and topic-specific plans

Council's Long-term plans

Long-term planning by Council and Administration is an ongoing process. Strategic Plans are reviewed and updated annually, as are the Ten-Year Financial Plan and capital projects list. Town Budgets are developed between May and October each year, with Council deliberations and approval scheduled at the end of the year.

Development plans

Long-term plans that guide the development of specific areas of Town are developed and approved as required or legislated. These processes sometimes require years of advance planning before the impact is evident. For instance, it may feel as if Sunset Ridge is a fairly new community, but the first Area Structure Plan was received by Council in 2005.

Topic-specific plans
Plans are sometimes required to meet changing technologies and needs in Cochrane, or to establish rules for specific activities. When that happens, Council directs staff to research the issue and draft a way to best handle future requirements. Some of these plans become bylaws or are adopted by resolution.

Bow River Bridge
Initial work is underway on property acquisition and road alignments so plans can be finalized for the new bridge across the Bow River. 

Cochrane Sustainability Plan

The Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP) was adopted by Council in May 2009, after a year-long community consultation process involving close to 500 Cochrane residents.

Connecting Cochrane

Connecting Cochrane is our transportation master plan that includes illustrations of future transportation networks for pedestrians, cycling, vehicles and transit. 

Downtown Parking Strategy
The Town is launching a downtown parking study to help understand and guide future decisions about parking in the downtown core. Watch for opportunities to provide input and get involved. 

Growth Management Strategy

Growth Management Strategy is a non-statutory planning document that aligns other plans, policies and strategies for the orderly and appropriate growth of Cochrane, as identified in the visions and objectives of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan and Municipal Development Plan.

Heritage Guidelines 
Cochrane has a number of heritage guideline documents to reinforce and promote architectural aesthetics that reflect Cochrane's unique natural environment, western heritage and sense of place.

How We Grow

Healthy growth in a community relies on strong connections. How We Grow explains the planning, policies and practices that go into creating and maintaing those connections, even as Cochrane gets bigger.

Integrated Downtown Action Plan 
 The Integrated Downtown Action Plan was developed to help guide investment and decisions around redevelopment of Cochrane's downtown.

Integrated Neighbourhood Design Guidelines

Great neighbourhoods make a great community. We developed the Integrated Neighbourhood Design Guidelines to identify the components of great neighbourhoods so we can make sure they're included.

Intermunicipal Development Plan with Rocky View
This plan provides a basis for cooperation and communication between the Town of Cochrane and Rocky View County on matters of mutual interest.

Open Spaces Master Plan
The Open Spaces Master Plan guides the management and development of the Town of Cochrane’s open space system over the next 20 years. 

Recreation Master Plan
The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan guides future development of parks, recreation and culture facilities in our community. 

Renewable Energy Framework
Cochrane's Renewable Energy Framework provides guidance around the management of renewable energy in the Town, and helps encourage the uptake of renewable energy in the community. 

The Telecommunication Antenna Structure Siting Protocols establish standards that allow the Town of Cochrane to influence the placement of telecommunication antenna structures proposed within Town limits. 

Transportation Master Plan
Connecting Cochrane is our transportation master plan that includes illustrations of future transportation networks for pedestrians, cycling, vehicles and transit. 

Tri-Site Strategy

Cochrane’s unique identity is shaped by our strong community. As a way of staying in-touch, the Town Council is exploring opportunities to maximize existing public spaces and creating more venues to support community activities.